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Redi Base Shower Pan Redi Base Shower Pan

Redi Base® Shower Pans

Redi, Set, Shower!®

Redi Base® one-piece, leakproof shower pans come in over 100 standard models with a variety of sizes and drain locations.

Installation doesn’t get easier than this! And because every shower design is different we offer a variety of entrances as well: single curb, double curb, triple curb, or barrier free.

Redi Trench Shower Pan Redi Trench Shower Pan

Redi Trench® Shower Pans

Can you dig it!®

Redi Trench® award winning shower bases are the bath industry’s most exciting marriage of design and function! Nowhere else will you find a one-piece, tileable shower pan with an integrated linear trench drain and choice of either tileable linear grate or designer linear grate tops.

Choice of single curb, double curb, or barrier free entrances further enhances your shower options.

Wonderfall Trench Shower Pan Wonderfall Trench Shower Pan

WonderFall Trench™ Shower Pans

WonderFall Trench™ shower pans feature an Infinity Shower Floor™ showcasing your beautiful tiled shower. Our innovative technology allows for any size tile from a 1” mosaic to a 1-piece slab!

The latest in shower trends, you’ll only find it here: one-piece, Ready-to-Tile™, with a molded-in linear trench and tileable linear drain top.

Available with single or multi curbs in a variety of sizes.

Wonder Drain Shower Pan Wonder Drain Shower Pan

Wonder Drain® Shower Pans

Because you wonder where the drain is!®

With Wonder Drain® shower pans, you’ll wonder where the drain is… all you see is your beautiful tiled shower floor! This one-piece, Ready-to-Tile™ shower pan features a square tileable drain top that makes the drain invisible.

Available with single, double, or triple curbs in a variety of sizes.

Redi Free Walk In Shower Pan Redi Free Walk In Shower Pan

Redi Free® Barrier Free Shower Pans

Breaking Barriers!™

Redi Free® Barrier Free shower pans, including ADA shower pan models, provide a walk-in or roll-in entrance, creating an environment that is inherently accessible to people both with and without mobility concerns.

Can’t everyone benefit from a barrier free shower entrance? Of course! That is why we have the industry’s widest variety of barrier free styles including Redi Trench®, Redi Base®, and Bathtub Replacement™ models.

Custom Shower Pan

Redi Your Way® Shower Pans

You design, we deliver!™

Does your customer want a linear drain? Infinity Shower Floor™? Tileable drain top? Are they replacing all of their bathtubs with showers? No problem! Simply tell us what you need and that’s what you get.

For project orders of more than 20 shower bases, we can manufacture custom shower pans in any size with any drain location.

Bathtub Replacement Shower Pan

Bathtub Replacement™ Shower Pans

Go Tubless!®

Bathtub Replacement™ shower bases are specially designed to fit the footprint of the bathtub you remove to replace with a shower; it doesn’t get easier than that! We have the industry’s largest variety of Bathtub Replacement™ shower pans – choose your look and we’ve got a model for you…

Redi Neo Shower Pan

Redi Neo® Shower Pans

Redi Neo® offers a new angle on showers: we will help you turn a corner of your bathroom into a fabulous shower with the industry's largest variety of neo angle styles. Which look do you prefer? Regardless of the drain style or tile size you are choosing we have a one-piece, tileable, leakproof model for you…

Redi Niche Shower Shelves

Redi Niche® Shower Shelves

Any wall, easy to install!®

Redi Niche® recessed shelves provide the convenience of a shower rack without the clutter! No more shower caddy to slide off your shower head or soap dishes sticking out from your bathtub walls, and no bulky shower shelves taking up space!

Shower Bench and Pan

Base‘N Bench® Shower Kits

Stunning Showers, Simply!™

Base‘N Bench® Shower Kits take the guess work and hassle out of measuring and designing a shower with a built-in seat! The shower bench and shower pan are sized to work together, and you can create your shower design from an offering of our most popular shower pan models…

Shower Bench

Redi Bench®

The seat you can’t beat!®

Redi Bench® shower seats offer a safe and beautiful place to relax as you shower, condition your hair, or shave.

No more unattractive, wobbly portable shower seats! Add your secure, one-piece, tileable bench for any Tile Redi® brand shower pan.

Shower Ledge

Redi Ledge®

A leg up to a better shave!®

Redi Ledge® shaving steps let you shave your legs easily and safely in the shower!

Two distinct models will appeal to your specific design preference, and both are easy-to-install, leakproof, and tileable!

Shower Drain

Redi Drain®

Great Grates!®

Redi Drain® designer drain plates are a beautiful finishing touch to your Redi Base® shower pan!

Choose from an extensive array of models and finishes to complement your hardware choices in your unique shower design.

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