Looking for information on how to install a shower base? We've got you covered!

Tile Redi® shower pans, shower niches, shower seats, and shaving steps are all one piece, Ready-to-Tile™, leak proof, and mold and mildew free. Installation is easy. And you can count on us for support.

    • Our videos (links below) show you how to install a tile shower pan and a tileable shower shelf. You will see remodeling your shower can be fast and easy.
    • Like to see it in writing? Just click on the "Specs & Install Info" tab for your model and you will find a downloadable PDF "Installation Instructions" file for your convenience.
    • Check out our latest addition! We now have downloadable Tiling & Grate assembly instructions for Redi Trench™, WonderFall Trench™, and Wonder Drain® shower pans; just click on your model below.
    • Finally, our tech support staff is available to answer any questions you have Monday-Friday 8am-11pm, Saturday 8am-8pm, and Sunday 12pm-8pm (all EST). 1-855-750-REDI (7334).



Tiling & Grate Assembly Instructions

(Downloadable PDF   pdf image   Files)


Redi Trench™ Designer Drain Grate

Redi Trench™ Solid Drain Grate

Redi Trench™ Tileable Drain Grate

WonderFall Trench™ Tileable Drain Grate

Wonder Drain® Tileable Drain Grate


Installation Videos

Shower Pan Installation Video

Redi Niche® Installation Video

Redi Flash® Installation Video