Redi Base® is a Tile Ready® brand shower pan by Tile Redi®.

Redi Base® … Redi, Set, Shower!™

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Redi Base®

SC base single left MC base triple curb center BF base RBF BR base single-right
Left Drain
Right Drain
Center Drain
2 Curbs, Left Drain
2 Curbs, Right Drain
2 Curbs, Center Drain
3 Curbs, Center Drain
Left Drain
Right Drain
Center Drain
Left Drain
Right Drain
Center Drain


Tile Redi® offers the industry’s largest selection of one-piece, Ready-to-Tile™ shower pans. Redi Base® shower pans come in over 100 standard models with a variety of shower pan sizes and drain locations. Because every bathroom shower design is different, we offer a variety of entrances as well. You can have a corner shower, double shower, peninsula shower, ADA shower, etc. Choose from:

  • Single Curb
  • Double Curb
  • Triple Curb
  • Bathtub Replacement™
  • Barrier Free
  • ADA

Before Tile Redi®, if you wanted a tile, marble, or stone shower stall, you had only a few inferior choices: manually construct a shower base and deal with the inevitable leaks, use an acrylic or cultured marble shower pan that offers a less appealing design, or use a multi-piece “jigsaw puzzle” system that requires a master’s degree in shower bases and a lot of free time to properly install. For the upscale look of a tiled bathroom shower that perfectly matches or complements your bathroom tile design, select a Tile Ready® brand shower pan. We offer the only one-piece, Ready-to-Tile™ shower base on the market. No more leaky shower pan liner! Easy-to-install! Affordable!

Redi Base® shower pans have set the standard for quality features in tileable bathroom showers and provide the best water intrusion solution on the market:

  • One-piece, pre-pitched shower pan with integrated curb(s) or entrance, splash walls and drain.
  • Ready-to-Tile™.
  • Fast and easy installation.
  • Leak proof!

Tile Ready® brand products are not just about function – they also are about design. Not only does the variety of models give you choices, but with the tileable surface that allows you to place tile directly on the shower pan surface, you can choose any tile design for your shower to match, coordinate, or accent your overall bathroom tile design. Bathrooms and bathroom showers are a major emphasis in home design and renovation, and today’s trend focuses on tiled finishes. With a Redi Base® shower pan you have the flexibility to easily achieve the designer shower and bathroom you’ve been waiting for, and you’ll get your new design with a leak-proof shower. And we are here to help with installing shower pan with easy-to-follow instructions as well as customer service specialists who can answer questions over the phone. That’s Tile Redi® peace of mind!

Remember, if you are doing an entire bathroom remodel, check out our complete line of tileable shower products. Redi Base® shower pans coordinate with our entire line of Tile Ready® brand products, and are just the first element of your bathroom renovation:

  • Base'N Bench™ Shower Kits take the hassle out of measuring and designing a shower with a built-in seat.The shower bench and shower pan are sized to work together, and you can create your shower design from an offering of our most popular shower pan models.
  • Redi Niche® recessed shelves give streamlined, clutter-free shower walls with no leaks. With over 30 models to choose from, you will find models to fit your space needs in your shower, bathroom, and rest of your home!
  • Redi Bench® shower seats offer a safe and beautiful place to sit in the shower and there is a model designed to fit every shower pan we manufacture.
  • Redi Ledge™ shaving steps offer a practical and attractive way to shave your legs easily and safely in the shower. Two distinct models will appeal to your specific design preference.
  • Redi Drain® designer drain plates are available in an extensive array of models and finishes to complement your hardware choices in any shower designs.

For projects with an order of more than 20 pans that need custom shower pans, Tile Redi® offers Redi Your Way™ Custom Redi Base® models in any size with any drain location!